M&A Advisory

In many ways, the process for selling large companies is similar to that of small companies, and in many ways quite different.

Deals are much more complex, and research on the company and the market in which it currently, or could, compete is much deeper and time consuming. It can easily take months to prepare a company and its marketing materials for a sale or merger.

M&A acquiring entities are driven by a variety of motivations. They typically fall into one of several categories which will guide the process and deal structure: “Synergistic” or “Strategic” Buyers, or Private Equity Groups/Investment Funds (PEGs) – typically “Financial” Buyers, but who may operate as a Synergistic Buyer if they already have an investment in a related company.

Marketing Merger & Acquisition Engagements – Targeting Buyers
Matching M&A buyers and sellers requires exhaustive research efforts to identify appropriate prospects, followed by extensive –and confidential – marketing directly to those candidates. Success requires a process-driven, methodical approach — and tenacity.

Attracting and maintaining the interest of these acquirers requires different marketing methods and skills than when working with individuals or partnerships seeking a small business. For instance, we must reach out to them by direct mail, email, telephone and through private subscriber databases, rather than by placing confidential, blind profiles on publicly-accessible Internet databases.

Building Relationships
Not only do we maintain a database of acquirers, we meet face-to-face at least twice a year with approximately 65 private equity groups, to “shop” our deals and to nurture relationships with those that are active in the Middle Market. These relationships are of paramount importance to us, and a direct benefit to our clients.

If you are a prospective M&A Buyer, please contact us and we will place you in our database, so you may be contacted when appropriate opportunities come to market.

ABI also offers Buyer Search Services (akin to Outsourced Corporate Development) for buyers.