ABI strives to provide excellent service to meet our client’s needs. Below is a sampling of testimonials.


“Through a well-planned strategy, ABI prepared the necessary valuation and marketing documents, identified key candidates, facilitated negotiations and guided the process as we successfully merged with Sensiba San Filippo, one of the largest N. Cal-based CPA & Consulting firms. Thank you for your dedication!”

Wally Mayer
W.H. Mayer Accountancy Corp.

“We are sincerely grateful for ABI’s outstanding effort and success in selling our corporation to a party who will continue it with the same goals toward quality and success. We are in awe of your accomplishment and would highly recommend your firm to others seeking expert guidance.”

Barry & Claudia
Sellers of Tru-Form Metals

“I just wanted to thank you for the superb job you did in selling Customer’s View. It is remarkable to me that within a week of listing with you we had two nearly full price offers! Your contacts and organization were truly invaluable in moving the process along.

As I promised, you will be the first person I call when I am ready to sell Customer Direct, Inc.”

Jennifer E. Brunner
President, Customer Direct, Inc.
Seller, Customer View

“Just a short note to personally thank you for your help in selling our business, Tarps & Tie-Down’s, Inc.

As you know, this was a first for us, and things could not have gone more quickly or smoothly. We had tried, on our own, to market the business with no success. Then, after contacting ABI, we had a legitimate offer within a couple of weeks and that resulted in a sale that more than met our expectations.

During the sale, we experienced a delay from our landlord and many, many questions from our attorney. We were very pleased with your response in both areas and in the quick and professional way they were handled. We could not have asked for better service and would highly recommend ABI to anyone wishing to sell their business.

Thanks again for all your help!”

Jim & Susan Stover
Sellers, Tarps & Tie-Down’s, Inc.

“I would like to give a testimonial to Mark Tanner of ABI. I met Mark in a networking meeting and decided to talk with him about perhaps selling my Dry Cleaning Business. After talking with Mark, and already having my business on the market with another broker, I decided to change brokers as they had not proven to me to be an asset in finding a buyer nor in getting me prepared to sell my business. Timing is everything, and as my contract with the other broker expired I quickly moved over to ABI. The professionalism the staff showed at ABI was a welcomed change. Mark met with me and got all the papers in order, made suggestions on how to show the business, and what the buyers would be looking for. Once I was ready, he went to town and found a buyer within days. I was quite impressed as well as excited. He took me through each step of the sale with knowledge and patience. He answered all of my questions thoroughly, and in a way that I understood. When we ran into a snag, he walked me through it as well, and never backed down from a problem or an obstacle that came into the path. Once the buyer was found, Mark worked with me the whole time trying to make the deal work for me. The buyer’s broker went on vacation and Mark was there for his questions too. We closed escrow when we thought we would, which made me even more delighted with ABI. I would recommend Mark Tanner and ABI to anyone not only selling a business but buying one as well.”

Louise Tamayo
Seller, Four Seasons Cleaners

“It has been a pleasure working with you on the sale of our business. As you know, we lacked the experience to bring about a deal of this kind. We felt that you took us through the procedure step by step, patiently explaining as we went along. Being informed, we believe, helped us to make good decisions.

We were impressed with your knowledge and expertise and felt you used those tools to our best advantage. You were available when we needed you and tirelessly (it seemed) drove all over the East Bay to finalize the sale.

Thank you for your excellent service.”

Peggy Irvine, Pat Carr
Sellers, The Ehret (Plumbing) Company

“During the sale of California Builder Distributors, I employed the services of Mr. Gary Allen as appraiser, and Mr. Richard Greenblatt of ABI, who effectively and efficiently represented myself and my company during the sales process.

I cannot speak highly enough of these gentlemen whose efficiency and professionalism are indeed rare in these times. The sale went smoothly in a very short time to a very qualified buyer. The process which I had been dreading ended up being smooth and efficient and somewhat to my dismay, pleasurable.

I would recommend the services of these gentlemen to anyone selling or buying a business.”

Michael S. Barton, CEO
California Builder Distributors

“Thank you for the business you have generated for Mr. Checkout Distributors during the past 6 years. Your ability to bring me qualified buyers has enabled me to develop not only your region, but all of California via our satisfied referrals from your prospects.

I highly recommend ABI to any seller or buyer seeking professional representation. Please don’t hesitate to call me if I can be of any assistance to you.”

Bob Goldstein
President, Mr. Checkout Distributors, Inc.

“The process of selling a business certainly can be challenging taking into consideration the process of locating and bringing together willing and compatible buyers and sellers. Your hard work this past year to facilitate this really paid off in locating a very compatible buyer for Plant Dynamics Inc. – someone who understands the unique business we are engaged in.

Not only did you conduct extremely professional meetings between myself and potential buyers, but in addition you kept me updated constantly regarding the sales process. I appreciate the hard work you contributed to making this sale a success.

I will recommend you to my associates as they get the opportunity to enjoy retirement and sell their businesses in the near future. Continued good success and again, thank you for a job well done.”

Carole Andersen
President, Plant Dynamics, Inc.

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your services in conjunction with selling our restaurant. I knew we were going to have a tough time finding the ‘right buyer’ for our business considering the losses we have sustained over the past two years. Your prospecting and ‘screening’ of potential candidates have proved both beneficial and time saving. I would have gone nuts if I had to deal with every ‘non-qualified’ person that inquired about our business.

When we did have qualified candidates, you have conducted yourself in a professional manner throughout the entire process. It was nice to have a competent broker to represent me. I also appreciated the ‘after agreement’ functions you performed. Even after signing the papers, you stayed with the process through escrow and the ABC until the day the escrow closed. That was critical, as you know that many things can and do go wrong during escrow.

Although I will probably never again return to the restaurant business, I will definitely give you a call in the future if I have another business for sale. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any of your clients.”

Tim Soldati
Seller, Hooligan’s California Alehouse & Grill

“Just a note to thank you for all the help you have been in getting us into this business. Your careful planning made the escrow process a breeze. I really like your forms and checklists. The broker we had used before had none of those. I felt confident that we had left no loose ends.

I would like to give you special thanks for your help in the lease negotiation. The comparable rents you came up with really helped. I really appreciated the advice you gave me prior to my conversation with the landlord. It was a good idea to present a resume, it made them realize I would be a good tenant and strengthened my bargaining position.

I would also like to thank the other people that work in your office. They were always good about getting messages to you and I was even able to ask them some general questions.

The purchase of a business is a complicated undertaking. The emotional attachment people have for their businesses make it even more difficult. I think this transaction was more difficult than most. I am truly grateful for all the help you have given me.”

Jerome C. Bush
Buyer, Logan Farms Honey Glazed Hams

“We would like to, once again, extend our deepest gratitude for all the help that you provided for us in the difficult ordeal of picking and purchasing a business that our whole family would be able to enjoy. Looking back now, we understand that your expertise and guidance, as well as your business style helped us in more than one way. As brokers, you and your partners present a wonderfully refreshing change from the pushy salesmen that are rather plentiful in the business. When we decide that we would like to sell our business or purchase another business we hope that we can count once more on your help in the future, and your knowledgeable advice.”

Shpirt Family
Buyers, Hello Deli

“As usual, it has been a pleasure working with a broker who takes pride in the service he provides. The efficiency and general follow-up in regards to the buyer made the transaction a less stressful situation. Your articulate nature as a broker, your representation of my business, Deld Enterprises, was sincere and very honest. The issue of two-party representation was dealt with in a very professional manner. Thanks again, it was enjoyable.”

Dirk Nieuwenhuis
Deld Enterprises
Seller, Mr. Checkout Distributorship

“Thank you, so very much, for your assistance and helpful guidance during my search. And, for remembering me during the search sabbatical. It was refreshing to work with someone with so much integrity, knowledge and the patience to share them.

Certainly I will encounter the questions regarding the world of self-employment, and I know I can call you to ‘pick your brain,’ like during the search. Please use me as a business or personal reference. I will be happy to furnish a testimonial regarding your endeavors.”

Roger A. Bowles
Buyer, George’s Furniture Service

“I want to thank you for helping us in bringing this awful divorce to an end. It was your fair and professional ethics which gave us a good base price to negotiate from. A price which I knew was fair and which I believe would have stood strong in court. It was also your ethics which maintained my hope and belief in the business appraisal profession.”

Gino Benetti and family
Aalba Dent, Inc.

“I want to thank you for the excellent job you did of appraising our business. Your research and analysis were thorough and yielded what I think was an accurate and realistic valuation. Don’t hesitate to use me as a reference for potential clients.”

Steve Ford, President
Brown Cow Farm

“I would like to thank you for the professional effort you made on our business appraisal. It was the second time you have done this for us in the past 7 years, and I am sure we will look for your help on this matter again in the future. We feel highly confident in your work.

I wish the best for you and your firm in the future.”

Daniel V. Boss, President
Boss Tool & Manufacturing, Inc.

“I just wanted to take a moment to write to let you know how much help you have been in purchasing EXSL. Even simple transactions like this one run into some snags, which you deftly helped me overcome.

First, there was your valuation of our company. It was clear, easy to understand and thorough — truly a first-rate job. Second, you were a tremendous help with the SBA financing. Your relationship with Heller First Capital undoubtedly added credibility and made the whole process easier. In fact, getting a mortgage on my home was more complicated and it was a much smaller loan.

Finally was your help with the negotiations. Thanks for making it quick and for giving me the feeling that we each got a fair deal.”

Jon Tooper, President and CEO
EXSL/Ultra Labs, Inc.

“Jim, Larry and I would like to thank you for the outstanding business study and appraisal you did for us. It’s informative, convincing, honest and easy to follow. We have completed most of our family business earlier than anticipated thanks to the thoroughness of your report.”

Ronald L. Mozingo, President
Nature Kist Snacks

“Dara and I want to thank you for the excellent service you and ABI provided to us during the recent sale of our medical supply company in Walnut Creek.

When we purchased the company, over ten years ago, you worked with us to locate and evaluate several businesses before we settled on one. Your assistance in that acquisition left no doubt that when we sold it would be with the help of ABI.

During the sale process you and your staff worked very hard on many small aspects of the process, which brought us a number of potential buyers. The entire process was managed and controlled by ABI to safeguard our interests and satisfy the requirements of the buyer.

We highly recommend your company and would not hesitate employing your services again.”

Stephen & Dara Larsen
Sellers of Diablo Medical Supply

“It has been almost five months since Bob and I formalized our business arrangements and things are going really well. Bob and I wanted to thank you for your efforts in putting us together as business partners.

We both feel that you and ABI were great assets in introducing us, helping us through the negotiations and due diligence process and especially getting me to put in writing the basic business plan and course of action. It has since proven very valuable, internally and to our business suppliers and bankers!!

You were very professional to work with and we both welcomed your advice and thoughts on the deal as we worked through logistics. We sincerely hope we can use you again. . . to help us sell Legg, Inc. when we are a much larger and stronger company!!

Thanks again for being a trusted business advisor. Feel free to use either of us as a reference if you need to in the future.”

Bob Legg, President
Skip D’Orazio, Vice President and CFO
Legg, Inc.